Stone varnish

Active substance content: 8-10 s%
Density: 0,99 g/cm3 at 25 ºC
pH: ~7


The Fabrostone Stone Varnish is primarily used to prevent moisture from entering veneers and bricks. Usable with hassock bricks, mineral based water absorbent renderings and traditional bricks. Treated surfaces become water repellent, but don't influence the normal moisture permeability of the building materials. Correct application of the varnish prevents moisture-based impairments like frost damage, rupturing, friability, the buildup of mould, algae or moss.



Sealed in its original container and kept at a temperature no lower then 0 ºC or exceeding 30 ºC the varnish remains usable for at least 224 months. The surface of the material may take on a creamy consistency, this can be alleviated by shortly stirring the contents and doesn't affect the quality of the product.

User's guide

The treated surface should be clean and dry. The varnish should only be applied in dry weather with an enviromental temperature of at least 10 ºC.

The varnish can be applied with a brush, paint roller, sponge or by spray.

Make sure to use the varnish in at least two layers, do not let the lower layer dry before applying the second one.

It's also possible to apply the varnish by dripping the veneers into it, but after doing so the veneers will only be able to be glued using a special adhesive.

If you're working with a pointed surface, the varnish should also be applied to the joints.

The treated surfaces become completely water repellent in at most a week.

Attention: Treated surfaces should not be torrid! Make sure to start treatment in a covered area in order to test this condition!