Required volume: 1.5-5.0 kg/m2/mm, dependening on the surface and the sealing trowel
Coating thickness: less than 5 mm
Water mixing: 7 litres / bag (25 kg)
Resting interval: 5 minutes
Workability: about 2 hours
Completely dry in 24 hours.


Cement-binding, flexible, thinly applicable glueing material, designed primarily for use with Fabro veneers.

Usable with:

Fabro veneers, other indoor and outdoor veneers, gres (stoneware) and glazed tiles. Applicable on heated floors, balconies and facades.

User's guide

The used working surface should be clean from dust and oils, dry, appropriatey rigid and capable of supporting additional weight. Any previously applied glues and substances should be thoroughly removed. Air and surface temperatures in the work area shouldn't be between 5 and 25 degrees celsius.

Mix the contents of the sack with about 7 litres of clean water, be sure to break up any remaining clumps. Let the substance rest for 5 minutes then stir one more time.

Apply the mixed glue with the straight side of a sealing trowel, then spread it with the toothed side, holding the trowel at a 60º angle. If you're working on a vertical surface, the glue should also be applied to the veneers to ensure adherence on the whole surface. Mindig a frissen felhordott habarcsba ágyazzunk.

Always lay the veneers on the freshly glued surface. Following application, the position of the veneers can be corrected for about 10-20 minutes.

Tools should be cleaned with water, immediately after use.


Unopened bags kept in a dry and coldish place remain usable for 12 months.

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