Fabrostone Ltd. is a family owned and operated company based in Hungary.

We are proud of the fact that we've been able to combine Hungarian creativity and a traditional Italian visual culture with the modern, environmentally sound technologies of today. Our veneers and flooring tiles are produced with a unique techology invented in Hungary and only exclusively used at the Fabrostone factory. As a result of this process every piece of our veneers is produced with consistent color, quality and durability.

Each one of our products is a result of attentive design and gets manufactured out of natural materials. All of our veneers and flooring tiles are light, heat- and soundproof and frost resistant, which means they can be used both outdoors and indoors. Each product is quality controlled by ÉMI.

Fabrostone is very serious about corporate social responsibility. As a result of this commitment sofar more than a hundred families were able to start a new life in a new home thanks to our financial assistance.

Our products regularly appear in two Hungarian TV shows 'ÁlomÉpítők' and 'Falforgatók', which help families improve their living spaces.

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